Clients are no more looking to know what features you have, they care more about what benefits they will gain from solving their brand problems with you.

This is why Apple (my model brand) focuses more on promoting the benefits of their product than just the features…

Apple inc. will first introduce their new iwatch by telling you how the watch can help you grow younger or help you exercise effectively but won’t just start the commercial by telling you what the watch is made of.

Telling your features is not bad, but don’t always do that at first or in your portfolio description, except the client requests.

People don’t care about the ingredients used in preparing the food they purchased, all they care about is how the food taste and whether it was delicious. 😊
• Ingredients = feature
• taste = Benefit

  1. If you can, I will suggest you Stop asking clients, through your post, to send you DM, there are situations in which you can type that, but not always, meanwhile, that’s an old way for requesting approach, and clients are too used to that.

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