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Our Learning management system is designed in a way that it feels friendly for learning. The sleek Interface makes your learning experience interesting while you enjoy your courses.

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For every course completed and grade scored up to 70% GTS, you will get certified automatically. Our brand is registered under the National Operational Policy. Our certificate is very valid.

Course Updates

Our courses are dynamic. We regularly give available updates to meet modern design trends, so you won't be left behind. You will get notified you as soon as any update is ready for your course.

Authomatic Notifications

As soon as new changes are made in our platform or in the course your purchased, like Lessons updates, quizzes, or even a completion or certification of a course, you will get notified through mail.

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Manuel Cater

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Website Design Ui/Ux Design
Website Design Ui/Ux Design
Brand Identity Design Logo design
Brand Identity Design Logo design

Well-established and experienced in many ways.

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We have been training our community members for free since 2019. We intend to continue to deliver free content for our community members, that’s our foundation, join us today.

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Here we host free yearly courses and share all updates for free weekly youtube classes and also design related business tips for clients relationships and best practics design ethics.


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Frequent Questions

Do I need to know how to code?

No, you don't need to know any line of code to learn advanced web design with us, you also won't be using already-made themes. The question is, then what?

We will be teaching you to make awesome designs from scratch from the front end of the advanced builder we teach. This practically means you see what you build as you build, and you have overall control of any part of your design. I will add, just like graphic design, but for the Web.

I don't know how to use Illustrator

No, as a matter of fact, you are here to learn, so we already prepared the foundation knowing you will be here. We made, and we keep updating a special and free playlist that is capable of transitioning you from whatever tool you currently use to using Illustrator. ACCESS IT FREE HERE

Meanwhile, our main focus is not on teaching you tools only, but on helping you understand the core concepts of design. So our courses are not limited to any tool. you can start with Corel, Affinity, pixel lab, Gymp, etc, whatever works for you.

Yet over time, it's important we transition you since Illustrator is the only internationally acceptable tool with the vast majority of export file extension formats that cuts across other tools too.

Do I need a domain & hosting plan?

No! For the practice, you don't need all that. We will provide you with practice WordPress installs, and a personalized dashboard with all the necessary plug-in and tools you will be needing in it for easy learning.

We will practically do all the tough work for you, all you need do is learn.

Do you ever do discounts?

Sorry! We will never offer any discounts.

We only Have a 10% Discount for institutional students. You can reach us through our inquiry form below for verification.

In fact, as more trainings and resources are added to the programs, the price to enroll will increase.

By joining now, you lock in this price for life and have access to all future upgrades and materials without having to pay an extra.

How is this different than other courses?

This is not just a course platform, It is an ever-growing ecosystem of design learning that provides training, resources, and a community of supportive designers. The benefits of this are...

  • COST: It's affordable. There is a lower barrier of entry to join and start learning and getting results. For what we offer, the price is a peanut cost.

  • READY RESOURCES: We have a community of prepared premium-only resource platforms for your project presentation for both web and brand identity designers.

  • REGULAR UPDATES: Our courses are updated, at least, every month with new features tools, or lectures.
  • ACCESS: For other website design courses, you don't get a domain name or host or even tools to practice with. With our course, you get to learn with the same tools we use providing you a free domain and all material we use, all you need is enroll access and your pc.

  • CLOSE MENTORSHIP: You will get a direct 6-month and 1-month mentorship for the Web design and logo design courses respectively.

Do you issue course completion Cert?

Yes. For our Website Design or Brand Identity Design course, you will be certified with our operational course completion and approval certificate.

We also make provisions on our website for our best-performing students, to showcase them to better prospects, you can read more about this Program Here

I have issues making payment.

No worries, all you need to do is drop us a message through our Whatsapp Link, Our Instagram or our Email Address

Any other thing I need to know?

PC SPEC: For our Website Design course, we mandate students to acquire at least a pc with a minimum of 4 Gig ram and at least 256Gig SSD.

For Our Brand Identity Design Courses, we advise a pc with a minimum of 8Gig Ram and 256 SSD.

Meanwhile, For students who have acquired our course, and wish to have an upgraded pc for effective performance, we have a professional advisory and guide for them to get a pc well dedicated with core specifications for design practices.

COURSE DURATION: It will take just about 6 months or less to complete, qualify, and be certified for our UI/UX Web design courses. After which, you will be able to engage in real design projects. For any of our logo design course, thats just a few weeks duration.

SHARING LEARNING MATERIALS: Sorry, you don't have the right to share your license or access to any course with anyone. We have a system that tracks that activity. If you do, and your account gets detected, it may be disabled indefinitely.

We also have put automatic measures to only permit you to be able to log in on up to 2 devices, if you want more access you can log out from a previous one.

CAN I SWITCH COURSE: Yes you can switch between courses but on two conditions:
1. On an already existing enrolment period not more than 1 week.
2. both courses will have to be of the same price, else you may be paying extra for the next one. But if the price of the supposed courses you wish to switch to is lesser than the one you will be switching from, then you will be allowed to choose other micro-courses to make up your price. There will be no refunds in either way.

CAN I GET REFUND AFTER PAYMENT: Unfortunately we do not do refunds after payment. You can take your time and go through our free courses on our Youtube Channel to see if the Academy Pro Courses are for you.

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Afraid of coding but want to have fun & full control of your Design?

This could be the final Web Design course you will ever purchase. You will learn On-Brand Colour usage and proper contrast, Hierarchy, Advanced alignment with Flex Box and CSS Grid, Responsive Breakpoints, Typography, Functional Layout styling, Design Guide best practices, etc.

Learning how to Build a more functional, Responsive, and interactive website for your client, a website with No-Code or themes, Learning the foundation of web design elements and interactivity with Zero Hassel and freedom to Make.

Real Student Testimonials

The web design course is more intentional. I strongly believe I will get better in this here. I've seen what works they accomplish, even the project their students make are amazing and I'm convinced its the right circle to be with.

Dee Kay 🇨🇦
Web Designer

I was in need of a mentor who could guide me to my best and a friend introduced me to this cater design lab. Since I joined these great minds, I''ve seen serious improvement in my overall project design and presentation.

Kosi Ezenkwe 🇳🇬
Brand Designer

I got introduced to my mentor through my aunt and since then my design journey has never been the same, it’s has been an over all journey of improvements and success, if there is a hand to design cater design lab is the best

Jay Art 🇨🇦
Web Designer

The academy has been of great help to me, in learning graphic and brand design. I never knew how to use any of the professional tools, He thought me first to understand these tools and then was in to reviewing my works.

Favour Emmanuel 🇳🇬
Web Designer

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