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Based on my studies and private counseling with my students over 4 years now, I realized that 50% of designers who suddenly disappeared & stopped posting works, or even making Designs, was actually as a result of an Emotional Damage A.K.A, Heart Breaks. You see, emotion is the fuel of a designer, and when it’s drained or damaged, your creativity will be in suspense… you don’t have to argue with me, you may act too tough, but after reading this till the end you will realize you have been lied to by yourself. I won’t like to lose any of you here for any reason, I would love to have you all grow together. so I’m that view, I will be establishing a free-forever designers relationship counseling team in the coming month, help guild most of our fallen heroes back to their feet.

Meanwhile, today, you will learn how to totally set yourself free from the bond of hate, regret, shock, etc that you experience whenever your Ex crosses your mind or when you magically meet them physically and you break inside…
today will bring an end to all that effect that makes you delay a project of 2 days to one week, to even lose the projects.

This post is specifically for designers only, others can learn too, you can gather your friends here if you love them, mention them in the comment section. Yet, this post is not for those who don’t believe in love, not for those who find hate as the resting place after a breakup, not also for those who can’t let go of what they already know, not for those who don’t want to give love another try.

You see love is beautiful, and we all need it, especially those that have experienced it before, don’t lie, it was an amazing experience to know you care for someone outside your family.

But Love is not our topic for today, Your question to me should be what someone asked me:


My Forever Answer, 𝗡𝗢𝗧𝗛𝗜𝗡𝗚! as a matter of fact Nothing.
In fact, I was happy when I did that, whatever happens, shouldn’t bother me. See, We should be happy we Separate from some people over time.

But on the other hand, what’s the point of regretting what you did for someone, Oh, because they didn’t pay you back with good? Most people pay you back. Assuming you never dated a person, and you helped them, would ask for a return from that person you helped? that will be sick and lack of contentment… If you do anything for your Ex and they break you, regretting it will only lock you in the cage of shock and anger.

By the way, I won’t tell you a problem without a solution… the only way to free yourself is to tell yourself the truth, you were not a fool. accept that you did that out of your own love, not based on their own love in return, cus you can’t actually measure people’s love for you, can you? So when you know this, moving on will be so simple, so that when next you meet your Ex, your heart won’t skip, cus you are now free within, but they will fight themself inside. the goal is not to punish them, but to set yourself free.

In summary, I’m not a relationship analyst or counselor, but I will tell you the truth, I got some good and bad experiences, and I did so many testing, and this works just fine for me… try it too, don’t lies to yourself that you did wrong by doing right to people. whoever didn’t pay you back with good, whoever didn’t stay in your life till now, is not meant to be there, don’t force it, and don’t try to play the revenge game, you will always lose. If they left, then their time may have expired, let them go, look more to the open door and forget the closed one, love those who love your abs forget those who don’t, let’s move on with the truth together, Good Morning. 😊

We do not teach only design here, for people who know me, we also teach morals and character to our members.
You can ask any questions based on this topic, I will be here to clear the air further.

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