Advanced Monogram Logo Design and Mentorship — DL5.0

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DESIGN LAB 5.0 — Monogram Logo


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So many designers find it too easy to make logo designs these days, but that’s for a fact they assign the task to themselves and certainly will pass. Just like giving yourself an exam, reviewing yourself, sure, you will pass.


While making sure you don’t follow that route, the issue is you may not be solving potential problems, psychologically, you are only creating design problems that only you can solve.


While it is necessary to have consistent practices and get better, it is also important to be guided so you don’t get to develop a poor design skill value void of real external scrutiny and revision.


Here is where the Design Lab sets in

1. We do not only act like real-life clients during this process.
2. we also make sure we assign a problem brand name ourselves to you, so to bridge the gap of you picking random possible names.
3. We will make sure your assigned design gets properly reviewed.


RULES: the rules here are simple
1. Do not post anything outside the instructions given at a point in time.
2. You are only permitted to either submit on our telegram or WhatsApp platform, not both.
3. Follow good morals and don’t chat with people outside the group without prior permission from the group.


WARNING: ignore anyone asking you anything outside what we are doing here, this is not a paid course, and you should beware of scammers. Thank you.


ASSIGNMENT: Choose one or two from the list of Acronyms below to make your own monogram or letter mark logotype. Take seriously the instructional video course, and watch it second by second to understand.

1. DB
2. IQ
3. TY
4. PY
5. AJ
6. GK
7. HK
8. VB
9. CX
10. ZX
11. OL
12. JK
13. SK
14. ZL
15. VC


You will be charged to assign a name of your choice to your selected acronym after your illustration is approved.


Assignment submission begins immediately
Carefully follow the instructions in the video.


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What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn how to do advanced tricks for Pro Monogram design
  • You will be able to handle any Monogram project effectively
  • You will learn how to earn new clients
  • You will Understand How to properly present your projects in your portfolio

Course Content

Advanced Monogram Design

  • Monogram best Practice
  • Monogram Quiz
  • Advanced Monogram Assignment

Mockup for client Presenation

Logo Video Transition

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