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We extracted and made upto 14 functional logo style guild that will makes a concept logo work better in modern times.
We have decided to share 4 with you today, while the rest will be reserved for later.

These 14 deliverables will be compatible for all kinds of logos, as we carefully curated them from all logo types. For today we will focus on minimalist vector based logo types as it houses most important styles for modern logos.

Below are 4 necessary level systems you should hold onto before making a brand project of a vector based pattern.

1st. The logo name should have the ability to stand alone without the help of the Logo icon, especially if the brand name needs to rely more on the name instead of the icon, an instances is a website header section where the logo name alone can be used, if the icon stands a larger size.
B. If the brand name is just one word, it may need a little detail from the logo icon to stand alone in cases when it’s necessary… The case study is the images below, where the circular start was moved into the name when the name is all alone.

2nd. Vector based logos works on all patterns or colour use cases. To switch to singular colours, for prints and for minimalism sake. except in cases of a layer based logo type like layer based mascots.

If you could achive a vector based style for your logo project, it becomes easier for your clients to reuse them without conflicts in background Colours. This cases, also, is effective if the client wish to switch the colour styles easily without affecting the brand mark.

Note: that a logo is vector base compatible doesn’t mean it can’t be attributed some layer based styles.
But Most importantly, vector based logo types are modern in feel, usage and look… it simply implies that the logo type can switch colours at any given background without affecting the core symbols and identity of the brand logo itself.

3rd. Styling the brand name is most important form of this design interpretation, and this holds strong effects for situations where the name of the brand is more important than the brand icon itself.
If the brand wants to attribute more of the brand identity objectives to the name, then this should be the case.
It’s important to do so, in oder to maintain the brand uniqueness and also make it stand-out.

4th. Vector based brand logo should have lesser decorativeness and colours than in cases where other type of logos fall in. This will help strengthen and retain the brand identity style blueprint in the mind of the customers. Simplicity is never easy, it’s only easy if it’s just simple.

Simplifying the brand logo demands so much more creative effort.
For the best practice and practical deliverables, you may need to consider the icon and font types first before proceeding with your design project.
Possibly, if there is a brand icon, it should be accommodating, so as to easily relinquish a part of its style to the name of the brand to retain the brand style even in its absence.

In its absence, the brand name can assume its position with the icons subtle style it incorporates, yet, when the icon is present with the name, the icon style should be retrieved from the brand name to reduce complexity… example are the both images below. 😊

Summary: these guilds are not compulsory for your project, I mean we just made it up from experience, in best cases most projects do not necessarily need them, yet adding these guilds will help relieve stress logo formats and converting for you, make the logo timeless to last longer, and ease the usage of this logo by its owner only If you can learn to adapt, understand and practice these.

Share with me if you learn anything new, and where you don’t understand point out the number and ask your questions, I will be here in a while to explain better.

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